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Engaging activities in Social Media

To act in Social Media you have to know which tools are available on the market, understand your target groups and create the appropriate content. We run effective campaigns in Social Media and each year during Social Media Convent we present together with our partners the newest Social Media practices.

Effective communication strategy

We realize communication strategies for companies and organisations of different size. In our portfolio you can find strategies prepared for energy, IT, marketing, luxury goods, FMCG, finance, clothes, startup, investment and creative sectors. We are glad that we can observe the realization of our solutions. We feel even better when we implement our idead in life. Ask how we see the work on your project!

Professional presentation of startups

The project that is well-presented on the market is most likely to have been already sold unless it is worse than its presentation :) The characteristic feature of startup is that this business has its own rules. If you wnat to know them, contact our team.

Why service is mentioned on the market

The choice of company that you work with is conditioned by many trifles and nuances. The sensitivity to the details, ability to show the uniqueness of solutions and their appropriate presentation affect the fast increase of the brand awareness on the market many times.

Sales support

PR is selling - we believe that and we even have proofs. Contact our agency and see how PR activities may support your business goals.

How to make your image safe in the crisis situation

Our team has worked on very demanding projects connected with crisis management including death in the workplaces, road accidents, court disputes, media disputes, death of a child in the factory area, pollution in the production lines, defective constructions, cooperation with the local community on big developer investments and many many others.

Pr Exchange

We have partners in many different countries. Our clients have PR support and can develop their marketing communication all over the world without a problem. Additionaly, thanks to the cooperation with the teams from abroad we learn about the world PR trends and practices which we use in planning and realizing activities for our international partners.

Effective media campaigns

We prepare and supervise the realization of complex media campaigns. Together with our partners from the capital group we obtain the best terms and conditions for the media purchase and guarantee the optimization of the media plan realization. The actions that we plan are effectively if it comes about costs as well as time. Just ask and find out what we can suggest to your company!

Introduction of a new product in the market

If you want to introduce a new product or service successfully in the market, remember to prepare a good PR and marketing strategy. The faster you do it, the better sales results you will achieve. The new product has to stand out among others and arise emotions in customers. When your offer is visible in the market, your company can gain much more.

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Social Media

We effectively work in Social Media. We build operation strategies, create content and engagement. We treat all projects individually and to each of them we choose the best communication channels. We are active in such social services as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Foursquare and NK. International, Polish and local brands trust us.

Internal communication

Internal communication guarantees harmony for the company development and minimalizes the risk of internal crisises. We manage information and distribute it among all levels of the organisation. We use tools which fit the specificity of a particular company.

Communication audit

We provide services connected with the evaluation of the current situation of company, organisation and institution based on quality, intensivity and effectiveness of communication activities. The audit takes place at several levels: management, manager and employee. Its results include the evaluation of actions and recommendations on particular communication channels and grounds for it.

Event management

We organize the openings of shops, offices, commercial buildings. We prepare open days and conferences. We provide professional and complex support of the whole event.

Visual identification

We provide complex services connected with the visual identification i.e. Key Visual, Corporate, Brand and Design Identity. We prepare the books of visual identification and projects of the company materials. We work with the best specialists on the market, talented graphic designers and designers with really rich portfolios.

Word-of-mouth marketing

We create the offer of word-of-mouth marketing and viral on the basis of briefs filled in individually by our clients. Don't hesitate to contact us.


Some words are more valuable than others, some just do not fit the context - we take care that the words of our clients are clear, precise and interesting. We prepare and consult content that is put on the websites, included in advertising materials, commercial offers, presentations and company publications. We also work on advertising and promotional slogans.


Good fun is a significant factor that can engage fans in the life of your brand. We oraganize consument contests and contests in social media thanks to which we pay attention to the offer and build emotional bonds between clients and the brand.

Media monitoring

We monitor press, radio, TV, social media, blogs and other electronic publications. Thanks to this we can effectively communicate your company services, control possible reasons for the crisis and present some appropriate preventive measures. We also specialise in monitoring of particular business lines or competitions. Our clients are provided with the news about changes on the market alll the time.

Internet PR

PR activities in the Internet have positive effects on the image-building process, positioning of company/brand/product/service in the Internet as well as increasing awareness of their existence in the target groups. We run online activities that communicate content that is important for you.

Product testing

We believe that your product is unique, but we would like your customers believe that, too. We organize consumer-oriented actions which aim at building your brand awareness among clients. We have experience in introducing products to the market, refreshing their images and communicating the news. We also realize cross-media campaigns which promote the results of the consumer tests.

cooperation with bloggers and opinion leaders, netPR, social media, brand reports, media relations

Cooperatio with bloggers

Blogging is a very significant part of every PR campaign. The individual approach to the clients lets us save time and makes we lead our actions in a very effective way. Boggers do not have to use pre-specified solutions. We cooperate only with these who can fully engage in their work. The conditions of cooperation are always attractive and profitable for both sides.

Media Relations

Good and regular media relations are the basis of effective PR. We give journalists valuable, inspiring and high content materials about our clients. Our advantage over the market competitors results directly from the high quality of work and reliable contact with the media. Our materials are published in various Polish national, local and brand media.

interviews, press releases, expert commentaries, expert articles, media monitoring, press meetings, conferences, organisation of the foregin journalists visit, press trips and blogger trips, media training courses, O&A, newsletters, product testing, contests

Advertising in Social Media

We plan and realize advetising campaigns in Social Media. We use the optimization tools to reach a particular target group. We create catchy graphics and copywriting that supports the message and positively affects the advertising effectiveness.

Advertising and promotional materials

The quality and appeal of materials that the company use to communicate its offer is very important. We analyze the existing materials and recommend some adjustments. Thanks to trusted partners we can also realize the order of advertising gadgets and printing of promotional materials. The projects that we suggest are harmonious with the image communication of our client's offer.

Organisation of the press trip

If you want to know any details, don't hesitate and contact us.

Websites and blogs

We offer complex services including creating websites and blogs. We create technical, functional and content layouts, supervise programming process, provide the content, make tests and let the website for clients. We run CSM management courses and offer updating the page.


An interesting, coherent and logical presentation with a good graphic frame is the significant element of successful public endorsement or sales pitch. We help our clients to prepare concepts of such presentations and then we adjust the content, graphics and programme in which they will be done. We practise presentations before the meeting and support our clients during the endorsement.

Expert articles

The studies have shown that we like to listen to experts. Our clients have both knowledge and rich experience in the field they work in. Our actions focus on giving them an opportunity to talk in the key media. Expert articles build not only a positive image of the representative, but also affect the credibility of the whole company. Expert articles are published in the traditional and electronic media on a one-off or cyclic basis.

Custom campaigns

We are full of interesting ideas about product, brand and service communication. Our clients realize with us the projects connected with introducing new products to the market, promotions, concepts of some special public endorsements or actions that support live events.

Publications, newsletters, mailing

We prepare all kinds of internal and external publications. We create newsletters to our clients, partners and other subscribers i.e. company or product bulletins, company and corporate newspapers, mailing with offers and occasional publications. If you want to have contact with your target group all the time, ask us about our offer!

Core competences

Cities, places, countries

PR is one of our specializations. The campaigns that we have realized give us important knowledge about marketing and promotion of place i.e. towns, cities, countries or some particular tourist locations for example hotels, pensions, apart hotels or individual apartments. We can make people get interested in any place. Do not hesitate and ask us even today, how we will do it!

We help with: #miasto #hotel #aparthotel #apartament #hostel #region #województwo #Polska

PR for scientists and scientific institutions

The aim of our activities is to make people aware of the work of scientific institutions as well as scientists themselves. We have experience in popularization of scientific actions and promotion of the inventors' works.

Employer branding

To build the good employer brand we have to work in many fields. We plan and implement programmes connected with the image recovery or creation of the positive company image for which the relations with former and current employees are very important. We use effective tools which let our clients achieve their goals in short time.

We can help with: #building of the image of a good employer #crisis management #media and social services monitoring #communication analysis #participation in the job fairs

Finance, insurances

Bank products, finance services, brand creation, crisis communication - these are the most common issues that our clients are concerned with. We deal with financial consulting and prepare promotional materials for bank accounts, credits as well as insurances and brand experts.

media relations, product launching, services, entity in the market, ePR, Social Media, bloggers, social-information actions, communication strategies, company blogs, product blogs, expert opinions, expert blogs, sales support


We are aware of the corporate social responsibility. We have participated in many CSR programmes created by big companies, corporations, non-governmental organisations or public benefit institutions. We know how to plan CSR activity so that you will have a loyal and understanding team and you will realize your business purposes.

ECO, Sustainability

Due to the increasing responsibility that people take for the surrounding world, more and more companies pay attention to the environment in which they function. They take care of corporate responsibility, ecology and the environmental protection. Our team has organized and run many eco campaigns so far. The priority has always been the protection of the environment. The communication strategies with the eco element, which we prepare, combine the approach of responsible business and aim at resulting the best economical result.

Power industry/energy from renewable sources

We have worked with companies connected with the energy industry for many years. For a few of them we have built marketing communication strategies, for others, for exmaple these financed by European fund, we have created PR schemes. We know the power industry market very well and we know what we may expect in the future. We give our clients solutions created in accordance with the international standards.

What we can do for you?
Regular publications in the brand and business media, support of the communication with the key partners, sales support, CSR, Social Media, contact with the opinion leaders, promotion of the expert image, BTL materials, ATL campaigns, media workshops, PR strategy, renewable energy, wind energy, management of energy, traditional energy, thermal energy

Political campaigns

We create concepts and campaigns for the candidates for senators and Parliament Members as well as political parties. We run courses during which we explain how campaign teams may use Social Media. We advise how to speak to gain your voters' attention.

Automotive industry

In the automotive industry we help our clients reach customers who are interested in their car brands, accessories or complex offers of their service. We have worked with various companies that sell luxurious cars, for exmaple Ferrari, Lexus, Jaguar, Maserati, Audi, BMW, Lamborghini and others.

media relations: interviews, test drives, expert opinions, brand reports, relations with bloggers, BTL, Social Media, promotional materials, websites, markets, exhibitions, relations with customers, sales support

Childern and parents

Parents are very sensitive to the product communication directed to the youngest. For many years we have been supporting our clients who offer a wide range of products for children such as clothes, accessories, food, baby carriages, walkers, textiles and cosmetics. We have a very individual approach to evey case. We use strategies based on the contact with the media, trendsetters and opinion leaders who function in the parenting environment.

media relations, cooperation with bloggers and opinion leaders, contests and events, products testing programmes, guides, Social Media and the real life, sponsoring, press conferences

Luxury goods

The unique character of your business requires a special communication strategy, close media relations and real sensitivity to the individual needs of customers. Among our clients we have companies which offer luxury products and services. Together with our partners we prepare for them special events, build relations with bloggers and take care of appropriate pro-selling campaigns.

Startup, investments

We have long standing experience in supporting many startups in Polish and foreign market, especially in the USA. We build the image of projects to help inventors find some investors. We help startups to be visible in the market in their key development moments. Our company uses custom low-budget tools and reliable PR techniques. We are mentors and consultants. We support our clients' projects with our experience and skills.

Real Estate

Any apartment sales or investments in a new area are communication challenges. Let your customers get to know why your building is unique. You should build the image of a trustworthy reliable developer and create some relations with the local society so that people may understand your needs and start to trust your manager. A good communication strategy is the key to profitable investments and very often it is also a solution to the crisis situation.

new investment, roads, commmercial buildings, shopping centres, mega stores, housing estates, housing co-operatives, crisis communication, PR developer, PR investor

Health and beauty

PR is a perfect example how you can build the awareness of cosmetic products or services among customers. We have already prepared many interestig product and personal PR strategies for clients from the helath and beauty sectors. We have our permanent place in the media, we realize custom marketing campaigns, have profiles in Social Media and deal with the promotion and information campaigns and CSR. We work not only for clinics and doctor offices, but also for producers of medicine and cosmetics. Our experts connect standard PR activities with advertising campaigns in the media. We cooperate with bloggers, test products among opinion leaders and prepare some visual identification as well as promotional materials.

We work for research institutes, beauty clinics, medicinal clinics, hospitals, beauty salons, fitness studios and many others.


Competition in logistics takes place at many different levels. We prepare for your company a unique communication strategy and we will show you the PR tools which are essential for creating an effective relation with your carrier or operational team. You will be given solutions which will support your sales and help you with the realisation of your business goals. Regular publications in the brand and business media will emphasis the value of your activity in the market.


Would you like to have an influence on the current trends in tourism? Or perhaps you want to promote some interesting premises or tourist regions? Personal PR is a perfect agency for you. We prepare and realize promotion strategies for various regions, provinces, towns and cities in Poland and abroad. We also support the information campaigns of districts and communes. We are fascinated by new destinations.

marketing strategies for cities, regions and provinces, promotion of Poland abroad and promotion of foreign regions in Poland, media relations, relations with bloggers, visits of foreign journalists in Poland, custom marketing, Social Media, advertising campaigns on TV, radio, press and the Internet


To make your customers interested in your premises or region you have to be visible in the media all the time. We have long standing experience in preparing PR activities for HoReCa sector - for hotels, boarding houses, developers, equipment producers, restaurants, clubs, cafes and postindustrial investors. We work for many various companies and we promote Polish premises abroad and vice versa.

the opening of premises, sales promotion, ATL, BTL, press trip, contests, custom marketing, media relations, social media, sales, renting of rooms, investments in the development of postindustrial regions, CSR, cooperation with bloggers, international media relations

Internet, Advertising, Marketing

ICT, innovation

ICT and innovation are two sectors that have been with us from the beginning of our agency. We have achieved in these fields great results. We successfully support technological companies (producers of software and IT solutions) which want to reach their customers via PR activity.


Media campaigns planning

Twitter for your business

Twitter is a medium with a really big potential. We use it to build business relations and we tell our clients how to use it in their marketing communication. 140 signs are enough to say why your business is special and to start searching for some business partners abroad.

#Twitter #business #courses #business #B2B #B2C

The key tools for every PR specialist

The work can be much easier when you use appropriate tools. We will give you some practical hints on the choice of tools which are free and which you have to pay for. You will know which tools are essential in PR and which ones you can use on the daily basis.We will tell you how to plan a strategy and work so that your clients will be pleased. We will also discuss writing and speaking skills that every PR specialist should have.

#PR #aplications #PRtools #effectiveness #planning#execution #settlement #effect

Buidling of the expert image

You have knowledge and experience, but you do not know how to develop your business? We know how to change it. During the course we will tell you how to share your knowledge so that your target group will notice you, and which Social Media channels you should choose and what you should do with them. What is more, we will practise with you public endorsements and run some presentations. We will analyze your personal image.

#publications #socialmedia #endorsements #fashion #identity

Social Media for your business

Social Media should be consistent with the business in which your company functions. On the basis of analysis and practical experiece we will tell you how to build content on the profiles, how often you should update it, what your clients expect and how to create loyalty. We specialize in running profiles for the companies from FMCG, finance, energy, HoReCa, place and cities, developer and clothes sectors.

#tourism #FMCG #finance #energy #ecommerce #inwestment #real estate

Inbound marketing

During the curse we will tell you which elements are included in inbound marketing and which rules about it you should know. We will also answer to any questions connected with the enagement of users in marketing activities and their loyalty to the brand. The knowledge about inbound marketing will make you look at the process of acquiring new clients and traditional advertising from a different perspective.

#advertising #marketing #inboundmarketing #webstats #effectivenes

Brand building

Brand building is a process. During the course in our agnecy you will find out how to build a brand, increase its value and which tools use in the brand development. We have long-lasting experience in building brands in the FMCG, energy, health, finance and investment sectors. We can advise you how to build schedules and supervise the whole brand building process.

#branding #brand #strategy #brandPR #brandvalue

Social Media - communication strategy

If you want to be effective in Social Media, carefully prepare your communication strategy and the content you will use. There is not a universal strategy, so you should consider all stages of your plan, estimate available resources, competence and the possible level of the team engagement. With pleasure we will show you practical materials that facilitate creating and realizing the brand presence in the media.

#socialmedia #strategy #communication #plan #schedule #effectiveness #budget

Modern promotion in E-commerce

If you run an E-commerce business and you wonder whether you use every possible forms of low-budget communication, you have just found a right place for you. If you want to know the opinions of our experts who have been giving advice about activity monetisation and increasing income for several years, aks for our offer.

#marketingonline #advertising #sales #socialmedia #SEO #SEM #video

Advertisement on Facebook

Thank to our help you can increase the effectiveness of your activity on Facebook and you will be able to control it better. We can join building of content with effective advertisig. We will show you how to place the advertisement and how to fulfill the target group expectations. We offer practical work with the experienced team.

#Facebook #advertising #targeting #optimization #graphics

How to write a good blog

You have an idea for a blog? Or maybe you write interesting texts but you never publish anything regularly? We will tell you how to write posts that will catch your readers' attention, extend the scope of your blog readers and use SEO. You will see how to earn money from your content and cooperate with other bloggers.

blog strategy, blog content, social media, SEO, SEM, video, photo, key words, expert materials, copywriting, consulting, inside communication, outside communication

Media relations

Media have their own world. If you know how to catch journalists' attention and act according to the editorial office rules, there is a big chance that the interest in your company will soon increase. We will show you how to use theoretical knowledge about media relations in practice. You will see how editorial offices work and get to know the difference in the way you should contact each of them. After the course you will be able to write a correct press release and take deliberate actions to gain as many publications as you want.

media relations, TV, radio, press, internet, Social Media, raporting, phone and e-mail contact, backgrounder, annex, media monitoring, press release, expert article, infographics, video

PR in crisis managemnt

Everyone, sooner or later, meets the crisis on their way to success, and regardless of the type of business activity you will have to undertake some steps to overcome it. We will create for you the crisis response procedures and tell your team how to manage the crisis and monitor the most dangerous points. More than 60% of crisises result from the employees' activity. Thanks to the knowledge that you will gain during our training course, you will minimalize this risk in your company.

crisis, crisis management book, crisis procedures, crisis team, media relations, social media, inside communication, politics

Content marketing in practice

The content that you use in your marketing communicaton should be interesting, inspiring, fresh and memorable. During the workshops we will tell you how to build, manage and update information that is proper for your strategy. Content marketing means, after all, creating valuable relations with your customers.

content recycling, content searching, content, content strategy, social media, infographics, graphics, video, blog

Modern PR

Consuments select information. We will show you the best way of reaching your target groups and tell you which tools you should use and how often, to make your customers remember your brand.

e-PR, social media, media relations, content marketing, inbound marketing, marketing automation, media monitoring

Social Media - sales support

Sales through Social Media is something natural now and people, who know how to do it, will gain the most. During our trainng courses we build strategies that help companies in their sales process in Social Media. We also create Customer Service Centres, prepare market analysis and suggest how to turn users into customers.

social commerce, on-line sales, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Foursquare

Social Media - first steps

Social Media are present nowadays in every aspect of our life, however, it does not necessary mean that running a social profile of your company or brand is an easy task to do. We will show you how the content marketing works. We create such Social Media strategies that work in accordance with the Essentials of the Law. We also organize training courses for individuals, institutions and companies.

Public appearances

We have long standing experience in organizing different trainings and workshops connected with public appearances. We will tell you how to present yourself in the brand conference and answer to some diffuclt questions in front of the camera when your company comes up with the crisis situation. Are you stressed? Nervous? We know how to overcome these anxious feelings. Your listeners will become your friends and at the end you will feel that you have done a great job.

image analysis, preparing of presentations, practice in front of the camera, Q&A, crisis situation, body language, building relations with the audience/listeners, TV and radio interviews



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About us

Personal PR provides professional complex communication services with the use of new media. We are the biggest PR agency in Northern Poland.

Personal PR is a full service PR agency with headquartes in Gdańsk. We are the biggest PR & Marketing agency in Northern Poland.

We provide complex communication solutions that help our customers and partners realize their image and business goals. Our clients come mainly from ICT, energy, FMCG, finance, health, lifestyle, HoReCa, real estate, logistics and legal service sectors. We also work for non-governmental organizations and public benefit institutions. 

Our services are appreciated by local companies and global brands that operate in Poland. We believe that good PR and marketing strategies are the key to develop relations with the target group and expand the scope of every business.  

Thanks to that our clients can develop international relationships with foreign companies and communicate with people from all over the world. Personal PR stands also behind the idea of Social Media Convent – one of the biggest Social Media events in Poland which takes place in Gdańsk every year. 

Why we are so special


Passion and commitment - these two words definitely describe our team. Nothing can give you more satisfaction than work which is at the same time your pleasure. We love what we do. In our team there are experienced specialists from various fields who successfully support our clients in achieving their business goals.

Close cooperation and respect among our team members make the exchange of opinions and experience very easy and natural. We have open minds and we like talking with our customers and partners. Nothing is more educational than a valuable discussion. We share thoughts, knowledge and experience, and then we use it to improve our projects. Networking is very important in PR. We meet new people every day.


As soon as we start cooperation with the client, our team has in mind a precise marketing strategy that will be used. Projects, which we create, are flexible and they easily adapt to the changining conditions in the market. They have high standards and clearly show which actions are taken at which time.

Thanks to the milestone schedule we provide our customers with an estimated timeline so that they know what exactly will be done and which challenges we will have to face in the future.

Out of The Box

Members of our team think in an unconventional way, work fast and achieve great results. The proof of that is the satisfaction of our clients who have worked with us for many years. Our ideas and PR projects are appreciated by media houses, their clients and individual companies.

When we build communication strategies that include PR and marketing activities we think OUT OF THE BOX. We make that the companies of our clients work better.


We talk a lot with our clients. Close cooperation, friendliness and respect among our team members make that we can share our thoughts, knowledge and experience with natural ease. We know that good discussions bring much to our lives and let us meet new people. Networking in PR is very important :)


Altogether we have over 36 years' experience in marketing and PR activities. We take part in many different training courses and we learn form the best. The knowledge of our team supports the realization of your company business goals. If you want to learn faste, gain some practical knowledge and useful abilities, do not hesitate and contact our PR team.


We have worked out the set of effective tools that guarantee the success of your marketing communication activities. In our work we build and use relationship with partners and clients from different sectors. We know which solutions will be the best for your business and how to support your sales and marketing strategy!


Personal PR is a free spirit. We do not rest on our laurels. We search, discover, inspire each other and study something new all the time. We are focused on our goals. We constantly follow the trends and suggest our clients such solutions which are appreciated by the key markets. Thanks to the international programme PR Exchange we are sure that our development means better business opportunities for our customers.


We run many projects, but we always have time for our clients. Our original project management tools give us the flexibility in contact management and project realisation. We work efficiently. We organize regular meetings and conferences during which we exchange information about the needs and expectations of both sides. We provide services throughout whole Poland and now thanks to PR Exchange programme we can cooperate with PR agencies from all over the world.

Focus on the final result

We do not work just to make your life more beautiful. We work to increase your company income and profits. We adjust marketing and PR activities to the sales plans and we precisely choose these activities that will bring notable benefits. We always present our cooperation concepts and effects that we want to achieve for your company. Tell us what is the most important for you and we will prepare the offer which will meet your expectations.


The mission of our agency is to provide reliable information about our customers to the media, private and institutional investors as well as direct and indirect customers. Puncutality, dilligence, effectiveness are the basis of our work. We are glad that Personal PR meets customers' expectations.

We meet our clients and talk about their PR needs. We prepare and realize proper communication strategies and with energy, transparency and passion we act on our client's behalf.

We believe in the power of word and image. The value of constructive discussion and open dialogue is appreciated in every step of our work.



Our publications

The number of our publications in the media from 2008 has increased to 25.265 ... and it is still growing





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